Hull Number: SC 254

Submarine chaser SC 254 served at Plymouth, England (Base 27) then at Queenstown, Ireland (Base 6), and after the war took part in the North Sea minesweeping operations.


In the Photo Set:

1. A photo showing the unusual small hull number characters. There are several photos of chasers that show small hullmarks, but the typical arrangement is much larger characters.

Photograph of SC 254. From a collection of photos of a crewman of SC 254. Thanks to Laura Hawkins for submitting the images to The Subchaser Archives.

2. Photo: Group of chasers at Queenstown, Ireland. Left to right: SC 271, SC 164, SC 272, SC 343, SC 181, SC 222, SC 254, SC 356, SC 323, SC 206, SC 346. Photograph of submarine chasers. T. Woofenden Collection.

3. Photo of SC 254 in the Caledonian Canal. Thanks to Don Reinicker for submitting the photo scan to The Subchaser Archives.

4. SC 254 underway. Courtesy of Douglas Zielenske, whose great uncle served on SC 178.

Photo Set - click to view large versions: 

SC 254 - Small Hull Number
Group of Chasers
SC 254 in the Caledonian Canal