SC 259: Crew Photos

SC 259 was the unit leader of Unit 7 at Plymouth, England (SC 259, SC 83 and SC 87), and was engaged in minesweeping operations in the North Sea after the war.

In Lewis Clephane's monograph on chasers in WWI, he mentions SC 259 being one of the chasers placed on public exhibition after the Armistice, sailing to Norway, Sweden, Holland and Denmark, in an effort to sell the vessels overseas rather than return them all to the U.S. Some of these photos may be from that period.

First ten images: Photos from the collecton of a crewman on SC 259. Thanks to David Robinson for submitting the scans to The Subchaser Archives.

Last three images: Photos from the collection of crewman Henry “Harry” J. Trusselle, courtesy of his grandson, Jim Trusselle. Harry was one of the crewmen on the chaser in the post-war period. The shot of chaser crewmen sitting on depth charges is in Plymouth, England.

Photo Set - click to view large versions: 

SC 259 photo set 01 - Crewmen on the chasers
SC 259 photo set 02 - Crewmen on the chasers
SC 259 photo set 03 - Crewman on the chaser
SC 259 photo set 04 - Y-gun
SC 259 photo set - 05 - Crewman E. Cutler
SC 259 photo set - 06 - Guns, Caledonian Canal
SC 259 photo set - 07
SC 259 photo set - 08
SC 259 photo set - 09 - Chaser Officers
SC 259 photo set - 10 - Locks, Caledonian Canal
Sitting on depth charges, Plymouth, England
Henry “Harry” J. Trussell, top row, under the flag.
Fixing bedding