SC 253

Notes on SC 253, Todd Woofenden, The Subchaser Archives, rev. 03-26-05 Page 1

Built: George Lawley & Sons, Neponsett, Massachusetts (SC 235 to SC 272)


June, 1918:
USS Jouett Group, New London, CT.

33 submarine chasers were attached to the USS Jouett Group. SC 253 was in the Tactical Group unit, which consisted of SC 214, SC 6 and SC 253; and later in Division M, which consisted of SC 6, SC 214, SC 253. SC 355, SC 133 and SC 353. These chasers participated in antisubmarine warfare, engaging in patrols along the northeast coast.

September 4, 1918: Twelve chasers including SC 253 were detached from the USS Jouett Group and ordered to report to the First Naval District and then to New London.

September 26, 1918: Sailed for Bermuda, arriving on September 30. Convoyed by USS Prairie.

October 3, 1918: Sailed for Ponta Delgada, Azores, arriving on October 14. Convoyed by USS

October 29, 1918: Sailed for Leixos, Portugal, arriving November 2. Convoyed by USS Prairie.

November 9, 1918: Sailed for Gibraltar, arriving the same day.

No chasers were regularly assigned to Base 9 (Gibraltar), but many chasers stopped at Gibraltar along the way. SC 253, having arrived two days prior to the Armistice, may have participated in one or more hunts in the region. Probably SC 253 was ordered back to the U.S. within a few weeks. Information in this document is extracted from: Clephane, Lewis P., History of the Submarine Chasers in the World War. Navy Department Office of Naval Records and Library Historical Section, Washington Government Printing Office, 1920.