An exceptional and rare shot of the forward crew's quarters, looking aft.

The coal stove stack penetrates the deck near the deck gun. The steel reinforcement members seen in the background support the area where the deck gun is mounted.

Left to right, some guesses based on the hand-written names:

"Pat" - Possibly Fred Patrick Nowlin, MM2c
"Salty" -
"Tim" - Possibly T. M. Healy, Sea 2c
"Dav" - Possibly David Clark, Sea 2c
"Hal" - Possibly C. Harold Cochran, MM2c
"Joe" - Possibly Joseph Henry Amy, BM 2c or Joseph Salvatore Famoso, Sea 2c
(un-marked) This is Donald Arthur Huntley, Elec 2c
"Ben" -

Forward Crew's Quarters

From the collection of SC 181 crewman Donald Arthur Huntley, courtesy of his grandson, Dr. William W. Huntley.