SC 103

Notes on SC 103, Todd Woofenden, The Subchaser Archives, rev. 01-29-05

Built: Elco Co., Bayone, NJ (SC 90 to SC 105)

Service Log:

05-10-18: Departed New London, Connecticut, convoyed by USS Hannibal (AG 1)

05-22-18: Arrived Bermuda

07-07-18: Departed Bermuda, convoyed by USS Buffalo (AD 8)

07-20-18: Arrived Azores

07-27-18: Departed Azores, convoyed by USS Buffalo (AD 8)

08-05-18: Arrived Brest

08-10-18: Departed Brest, convoyed by _______

08-12-18: Arrived Base 27, Plymouth

Service at Base 27, Plymouth, England,

11-22-18: Detached from Base 27.

Ordered to report to Commander, U.S. Naval Forces in France, Brest.

Notes: The route to Plymouth via Bermuda and the Azores was typical for the chasers that served overseas. Due to their small size and small fuel capacity, the crossing was broken into shorter runs, the Atlantic coast to Bermuda being the typical first run, followed by a run from Bermuda to the busy port at Ponta Delgada, San Miguel Island, Azores, and from there to other ports on the way to their destination. 66 chasers were stationed at Base 27, Plymouth.

Organization, Unit 9 *:

Unit: SC 100, SC 101 and SC 103

SC 100: Lt. Ludwig W. Gumz, USN, CO

SC 101: Ensign William F. Lally, USNRF, CO

SC 103: Ensign Charles G. Benjamin, USNRF, CO

* Note: The Commanding Officer listings are from U.S. Navy Cross citations, and I have not researched their individual service records. It is possible that other officers were in command of one or more of these boats at some time. SC 103 was a wing boat in Squadron 3, Division 8, Unit 9, stationed at Base 27 (Plymouth, England). The unit leader was SC 100, and the other wing ship was SC 101. The unit was engaged in anti-submarine warfare.


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