Some Changes to the Newsletter Format

Starting this month -- but I also updated the January issue just to be tidy -- I've made some changes to the newsletter format. Most of the changes are to make it easier on my end to post things, but here are some things that might be useful for site visitors:

  • You can click on an image accompanying a newsletter story to see the full-sized version. (Click the link in the text to go to the website page or feature with text, images, etc.)
  • There is now an "email this page" link near the bottom of the newsletter page.
  • You can also send someone an individual story from an issue. To do this, click on the story headline to load just that story, then you can use the "email this page" link.
  • There is a link on each story page back to the newsletter, so if you happen across one of the stories (say, in a site search) you can get to the full newsletter page easily.

Please let me know of any issues with these features. I haven't yet done extensive testing across browsers, etc. Email me if you see any problems.

Fine Print

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