Painting USN vessels
This booklet contains detailed regulations and instructions for painting and cementing various classes of USN vessels in WWI.

This is the entire booklet. Missing page numbers are either blank pages, or the image shows two pages.

Note that subchasers (and most other war vessels) are included in the list of vessels to be painted with No. 5, gray paint.

Included are all of the pages that contain the formulas for official paint colors. No. 5 gray, the standard USN gray color for WWI, was a formula of barium oxide and zinc, standard white pigment; and lamp black, a standard black pigment.

Should someone choose to track down the ingredients and reproduce an authentic WWI paint, I would be interested in a sample. The cover of the book, smeared in gray and green paint, may be a relic of the war, showing the standard gray and the anti-glare green.

T. Woofenden Collection