Submarine chaser SC 258 was built at George Lawley & Son, shipbuilders in Nepotset, Massachusetts, and was delivered to the Boston Navy yard on 20 November, 1917. SC 258 was assigned to Plymouth, England (Base 27), and served as a wing boat in Unit 6 (SC 137, SC 258, SC 41).

Photo #1, Editor's Note: My best guess is that this is 4 July, 1919, at Lisbon, the chasers in dress-ships for Independence Day.

Photograph from the collection of crewman Clyde Campbell Thomas, BM2 and later CBM. Thanks to Phil Pomber, his grandson, for submitting the image to The Subchaser Archives.

Photo #2: 26 July, 1919 in the Azores, chasers including SC 258.

Thanks to John D. Doughty, whose grandfather served on a submarine chaser, for submitting the photo scan to The Subchaser Archives.


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