Submarine chaser SC 217 served on the Otranto Barrage as a wing boat in Unit L: SC 248, SC 217, SC 82.

Photo 1: Three chasers in New York, having returned from overseas duties. SC 224 and 351 served in Unit 2, Plymouth. (T. Woofenden Collection)

Photo 2: SC 217 post-war, used as a rum runner during Prohibition. (T. Woofenden Collection)

News file photo. Caption:

Coast Guard Captures Rum Runner After Exciting Chase.
New York -- This rum runner, a converted sub-chaser, was trapped in New York harbor in a thrilling chase in which the pursuing coast guard fired many rounds of ammunition. The capture was made only after the rumboat crashed into a Dutch schooner. Half a million dollars worth of Christmas liquor was on board.

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