Hull Number: SC 215

Submarine chaser SC 215 served in the Otranto Barrage (stationed at Base 25, Corfu), under the command of Lt. (j.g.) Wildon A. Ott. This chaser was among a small number of U.S. submarine chasers that were sold to Italy after the war.

Shown in the photo set:

SC 215 underway: The number 7 on the hull is most likely a convoy marking, designating this chaser's position in the convoy. This would date the image to the time frame of the initial crossing to Europe. Collection of Lt. Leon Clemmer, Assistant Ship's Surgeon on USS Leonidas. Courtesy of his son, Leon Clemmer.

SC 215 in dry dock. Undated photo, possibly a post-war image. The chasers were brought into dry dock rather often, to caulk seams and otherwise repair the hull. Collection of Scott Bayles.

Photo Set - click to view large versions: 

SC 215 underway
SC 215 in dry dock