This is a photograph of SC 102, SC 105 and SC 42, left to right, marked N-5, N-6 and N-2 respectively. Lewis Clephane, in his monograph on the chasers, lists a hull marking set for the U.S.S. Jouett Group that includes these chasers marked as shown in the photo; and the same photo set from the UVA collection includes a shot of SC 353 marked as M-6, another of the same series, and a shot of SC 102 showing the hull number on the bow. The War Diary of USS Jouett confirms that SC 105 was marked as shown. (SC 105 served in the USS Jouett Group.)

submarine chaser SC 105

Photograph of submarine chasers, from Photograph albums of World War I subchasers (#11502-b), Special Collections, University of Virginia Library. Thanks to Phil Lord for submitting this photo scan.