This is the original release of the WWI subchaser model by Glencoe. Note that in February, 2009 this model was re-issued. (The new release is a modified version of the same molds.)

These are photos of the original release, right out of the box.

I will leave it up to model makers to comment on the build process, but here are some general notes

  • The "AV" on the hull is probably intended to be representative of the markings used during convoys of chasers overseas; but I haven't seen any photos of SC 96 with that particular mark.
  • Note that a second chaser is also shown in the cover art with "AV" on the hull, which clearly can't be accurate. SC 96 served overseas in the Otranto Barrage, in Unit J.
  • I wish the hull marking weren't molded into the hull section, as it makes it hard to represent a different chaser.
  • I also wonder why the depth charges are depicted in the cover art in red. They should be gray.
  • The bearing indicator appears to be out of proportion.