Detail of flying bridge, SC 354. G.S. Dole Collection. 
This is a view of the flying bridge, from the perspective of someone standing amidships looking forward. The canvas spray shields are in place. Note the ship's bell above the door to the pilot house. Also note the signal lantern on the flying bridge. The rectangular box to which the head of the lantern is attached contains the spark key for operating the signal light, and a battery. On the port side, below the life ring, can be seen the edge of a 2" x 12" plank, which runs across the top of the pilot house and is cabled to the deck. This is to shore up the pilot house against rough weather, and is present on a number of (but not all) chasers. This photo was taken during the Northern Russia Expedition in 1919. The building in the background is Solovetski monastery, on Solovetski Island in the White Sea. 
Flying bridge of SC 354 
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