Farthest North in a Submarine Chaser

This is an article describing one of the more unusual bits of subchaser history. IN 1919, a unit of subchasers (SC 354, SC 256 and SC 95) headed to Archangel, Russia, under the command of Lt. (jg) George S. Dole. The unit crossed the Arctic Circle and ventured into waters not yet visited by USN vessels. This is a story of the journey, the people and the places, and not a record of military events.

The article, written by Lt. Dole, was originally published in the January 10, 1920 edition of Motorboat Magazine, and was subsequently reproduced in William Washburn Nutting's book, The Cinderellas of the Fleet. This is a set of scans of the pages of the article as it appeared in Motorboat Magazine.