Description of Listening Apparatus and Signals for Submarine Chasers

This is an instructional document on the listening devices in the chasers, the tools used during the chase, and the signal system.

It appears to be one of the earliest instructional documents on use of listening equipment to locate and attack enemy submarines.

Note on the Signals Pages: The document is bound into a booklet by means of brass rivets, which has made duplication a challenge. On some pages, the binding is very close to the text. To make all of the text on page 19 readable required two scans of the page with the sheets above it held at different angles, and a bit of patchwork to put it all onto one image. This is why the top section of signal letters looks "pasted on." It is, however, an accurate presentation of the text on that page.

Image scans in .jpg. format. Cover page and 22 pages. G.S. Dole Collection