Vol. 4, No. 6, June 2008

Quite a lot of new material has been posted, including several interesting photo sets -- and more to come.

Very recently I received a photo album for scanning, from the collection of George Perley Morse, CO of submarine chaser SC 227. Next month's issue will feature images from this collection, including some very rare interior photos.

For those of you interested in model making, there is some exciting "chaser news": Nick Argento, owner of Glencoe Models, is planning to re-release the ITC-Glencoe injection molded World War One 110-foot submarine chaser kit, for a limited run. The scale of this model is 1:74. (See images of the old Glencoe release of this model in the Chaser Models section.) This popular model has become a hard-to-find "old stock" item. The re-issue will include new box art and a number of photos showing the chaser in various configurations (some from The Subchaser Archives). Chances are, this will be the last run for this model, so don't miss it! If you would like to pre-order, please contact Mr. Argento directly at Smaug1415@aol.com

Todd Woofenden, editor

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