[Subchaser Archives Notes - The Bulletin of the Subchaser Archives, at www.subchaser.org Vol. 2 No. 7. July, 2006]

There are some new photos from a few very interesting collections listed here, including some excellent interior shots, so don't overlook this issue based on its brevity. There is more to post next month, both from the SC 45 album and from Jim Warren's collection, and several other things still on the pending list.

I hope you are all having an enjoyable summer, and still finding a bit of time for the Subchaser Archives. For those of you who have contacted me in recent months, please keep in touch. It's shaping up to be a busy summer, but I am still interested in hearing from you, and seeing your materials.

--Todd Woofenden, Editor, The Subchaser Archives

New in The Chasers -- Photo Sets

This photo set is a winner: Jim Warren submitted an excellent group of photos, among which are three rare interior shots: The wheel house, the engine room and the radio room. These are included in this photo set, along with a studio photograph of Jim Warren's father, George Edgar Warren, who served as quartermaster on SC 136 and who collected these photos during his service.

More from this collection next month. Many thanks to Jim for submitting the images to the Subchaser Archives.

New in The Chasers -- Subchaser Crews

Dave at Wartime Press, submitted a nice studio photograph of a crewman on SC 324, one of the chasers that served in the Otranto Barrage and participated in the bombardment of Durazzo harbor on 2 October, 1918.

Also posted is a set of photos of crewmen on SC 45, from a set recently acquired. It's one of those needle-in-a-haystack things, but I hold out hopes that someone visiting the site will be able to identify a face or two.

New in The Chasers -- Miscellaneous Photos

Another nice photo from the collection of Susan Ridgeway shows SC 97 dressed up with signal flags flying. (Susan Ridgeway is the granddaughter of Al Ridgeway, Sr., chaser crewman -- see May 2006 Archives Notes for links to other photos in her collection)