There are four excellent photo sets recently posted, each well worth perusing. Two of these sets, the collection of Ens. Charles E. Rose and the collection of Corbin Z. Demarest, are posted courtesy of descendants of the crewmen, who were kind enough to spend a great deal of time preparing and sending in the images, and with whom I've had the pleasure of some great "chaser conversations."

As we near the end of the year, a special thank-you is in order, for all of the people who have submitted content for The Subchaser Archives. Please keep in touch, and keep sending in these artifacts of chaser service.

A quick update on the forthcoming book:

Hunters of the Steel Sharks: The Submarine Chasers of WWI, will be available to purchase in a week or so (slightly ahead of schedule). Please see details of the book and sample pages at Signal Light Books.

I will circulate a special introduction email note on the book to the subscribers to this list when it arrives. Thank you for all of the support I have received in writing the book. I hope readers will find it both engaging and informative.

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season!

--Todd Woofenden, Editor, The Subchaser Archives.

New in The Chasers >> Photo Sets

SC 59: The Ens. Charles E. Rose Collection.

Submarine Chaser SC 59 served in U.S. waters, under the command of Ens. Charles E. Rose.

This collection, submitted by his son, Thomas Rose, shows scenes from the service of Ens. Rose.

The set includes an excellent portrait shot of SC 59, several gunner photos showing the 3"/23-caliber Poole deck gun, and an interesting incident in which a chaser appears to have caught fire.

Also shown are several notable vessels other than chasers, including the lightship Relief and patrol vessel USS Freelance (SP 830).

Don't miss the stunning evening shot of war ships at the end of the collection.

View the Collection.

SC 125: The Henry F. Tegler Collection

Henry "Harry" Tegler, a radio electrician fresh from training, served on SC 125 in the Otranto Barrage, and post-war in the diplomatic work of the chasers along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea.

His photograph collection includes many interesting and rare images of scenes along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea in the aftermath of the war, when U.S. submarine chasers were sent to the region on diplomatic missions.

Among the photos is a rare view of several Standard Motor Construction Company 220 hp engines, removed from a chaser and being transported on a track car at the drydock in Malta.

View the Collection.

SC 254: The Unit 21 Collection

SC 254 was among the chasers based at Queenstown, Ireland.

Of these, several units were assigned locally to patrols out of Holyhead, Wales.

This collection shows the chasers of Unit 21.

Notable images include a shot of a chaser approaching the Menai Bridge, the deck of HMS Patrol, U.S. service men at Holyhead, and two engine room photographs.

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SC 354: The Corbin Z. Demarest Collection

Following the war, a unit of submarine chasers was assigned to duty in northern Russia, amidst the hostilities associated with the Russian Revolution. This tour of duty, the Northern Russia Expedition, was a record-breaking feat for chasers for miles run without the services of a repair ship.

Corbin Z. Demarest served as Chief Machinist's Mate on the unit leader, SC 354, and in the North Sea minesweeping operations thereafter.

This collection, submitted by Jim and Lynn Brace (Jim is Corbin Demarest's grandson), shows several views from his service. Also included are several crew photos from Devonport (England), and a muster roll from SC 354 while at Murmansk.

View the Collection.

New in The Chasers >> Hull Number Photographs

Hull numbers added to the Hull Number Photographs collection include SC 13 and SC 14.