USS Black Hawk: Crew Images

USS Black Hawk -- not a chaser, of course, but a destroyer tender -- served as flagship and tender to the ships in the Minelaying Division in the North Sea; and after the war in the role of flagship and tender to the Mine Sweeping Division, based in Kirkwall, Orkney Islands.

The connection to subchasers is that twenty-four chasers served in the Minesweeping Division, their duties being to follow the chasers and sink with rifle fire any mines that floated to the surface.

Gunner Frank T. Bryant was assigned to USS Black Hawk on the day of its commissioning, 15 May 1918 (at Fletcher Shipyard in Hoboken). This set shows documents and photos related to USS Black Hawk crewmen during and directly after the war.

Frank Bryant

Thanks to Sandy Holmes, granddaughter of Frank T. Bryant, for sending the photo scans to The Subchaser Archives.