Vol. 4, No. 5, May 2008

My thanks to the Maine Maritime Museum for inviting me to speak at the 36th Annual Maritime History Symposium in April, on life on a WWI chaser. It was a real pleasure, both presenting and meeting other attendees, and the staff are top-notch both in their knowledge and in being very kind and dedicated people.

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French Chasers

Two photos of 110' chasers in the French navy have been added:

C 98, built as SC 401 (see the second photo on that page)
C 64, built as SC 381 (the first image of this chaser posted)

These are interesting in that they show the chasers under the French flag.

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Ordnance document

Among the issues addressed in developing the chaser fleet was armament. As with the changes in models of deck guns - early photos showing Hotchkiss and Davis models, while the "standard" gun was to be the Poole 3"/23 caliber deck gun - there were multiple models of machine guns mounted on chasers.

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