Archives Notes Vol. 3 No. 9

Crewman letter: Durazzo bombardment and Post War Service

September, 2007. The most notable naval engagement in WWI in which the USN took part was the bombardment of Durazzo harbor on 2 October, 1918.

Eleven submarine chasers provided ASW cover for Italian and British ships during the bombardment of the Austrian naval base at Durazzo. There were two claimed submarine kills, although neither is confirmed.

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Diary of Chaser Crewman David James Williams

September 2007. Another item, for those readers who enjoy seeing the fine details of Navy life in WWI, is a transcription of a short diary from a crewman of submarine chaser SC 227, which was a wing-boat in Unit F (SC 94, SC 227, SC 151). Subchaser SC 227 served in the Otranto barrage, and in the post-war period along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea.

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