SC 83 Set: Pamphlet, page 3

Third page of a pamphlet on subchaser SC 83.

subchaser SC 83 pamphlet, page 1
The list (in the image on this page and the next) is as follows:

Crew of U. S. Submarine Chaser 83

Ens. James L. McFadden – CO
Ens. Henry A. Linane – XO

John Williams
Sidney Leonardi
Robert O. Cameron
James R. Bryant
Roy H. Lumpp
Roger T. Kingsbury
Herbert P. Gerber
Raymond T. Conway
Francis P. Allen
Jesse C. Neeper
Frank N. Polidori
George H. Knipp
Clarence E. Mattice
Royston Hart
Reme L. Levesque
Hollis B. Wheeler
Harry G. Yiengst
George H. Hopp
Thomas Bell
Robert W. Rayno
Arnott C. King
Herbert J. Simmons
William Simmons
W.F. Kelley

Scan of SC 83 pamphlet, courtesy of Jane Kingsbury Burne.