SC 59 - Rose Collection - 03 - Chaser

Ens. Charles E. Rose Collection. Thanks to Thomas Rose for submitting the digital image to The Subchaser Archives

Ens. Rose's command, subchaser SC 59,.

This is most likely a very early shot. The deck gun shown here was replaced with the Poole 3"/23-caliber deck gun. Note also that in this photograph the bearing indicator has not yet been mounted on the flying bridge. This suggests that this is from early in the service of SC 59, showing the chaser prepared for commissioning but not yet fully equipped for antisubmarine warfare operations.

The three-dimensional cone, raised in this photo, is the under way shape signal.

Note the clothing hanging from the crow's nest. Chasers were quite seaworthy, but wet. Most photos of chasers not actively engaged in patrols show clothing and bedding hanging to dry.