Hull Number: SC 310

SC 309 and SC 310 served in Alaskan waters, during and after the war. A short New York Times article dated 21 June 1919 reports the following: "JUNEAU, Alaska, June 21. - Submarine Chaser SC 310 was ordered by Governor Thomas Riggs, Jr., to the vicinity of Yukutat Village to quell a reported native uprising today..."

These are two photos of SC 310 in Alaska.

SC 310, view taken from the gunboat USS Vicksburg on 1 April 1919 in Juneau, Alaska.

Submarine Chaser SC 310 taken from Vicksburg
Photograph of SC 310 at Juneau. T. Woofenden Collection.

SC 310 grounded at low tide. From a set of negatives of Ens. H. S. Morse, CO of SC 310. There are several notable features, including metal sheathing on part of the hull, and what appears to be wood sheathing on the bridge wing.

Submarine Chaser SC 310
Photo negative scan, image of SC 310. T. Woofenden Collection.