Taking on Fuel while Under Way

For long journeys, arrangements had to be made for taking on fuel at sea. Photos in this set:

1.  An excellent shot of submarine chasers running alongside a vessel while taking on fuel. This photo shows the danger: The chaser had to maintain speed and steer clear of the side of the ship while gasoline was transferred. The fuel hose is visible amidships. From a collection of photos of a crewman of SC 254. Thanks to Laura Hawkins for submitting the image to The Subchaser Archives.

2. SC 135, SC 370 and SC 388 (and others) taking on fuel from U.S.S. Arethusa (AO7). NHC photo.

3. Another photo of chasers taking on fuel from U.S.S. Arethusa. Caption: "Taking on gasoline from Arethusa, mid-Atlantic. April 26, 1919. Speed 8 knots." T. Woofenden Collection

Photo Set - click to view large versions: 

taking on fuel
Arethusa fueling chasers
Arethusa fueling chasers