Hull Number: SC 223

Submarine chaser SC 223 served in the USS Jouett Group.

A wartime photo of SC 223:

SC 223

Subchaser SC 223 underway. From a collection of photos of a crewman of SC 254. Thanks to Laura Hawkins for submitting the images to The Subchaser Archives.

A post-war photograph of the SC 223:

Submarine Chaser SC 223Photograph of submarine chaser 223. National Archives, RG-19-LCM, Box 525. Thanks to Dan Treadwell for submitting the digital image to The Subchaser Archives.

Another photo of SC 223: SC 223 off the African coast on 11 November 1918. (Blown-up considerably, accounting for the fuzzy image.) This was one of the chasers that arrived at Gibraltar just as the war was ending.

Submarine Chaser SC 223, Armistice

Photograph of submarine chaser 223. T. Woofenden Collection.