Hull Number: SC 151

Submarine chaser SC 151 was commissioned at Charleston on 14 December 1917. This chaser served in the Otranto Barrage, in Unit F (SC 94, SC 227, SC 151) and participated in the bombardment of Durazzo harbor on 2 October 1918.

First photo: Photo: SC 151 in the Azores. Likely somewhere near Ponta Delgada. SC 151 was part of the convoy under the mother ship USS Leonidas. G.S Dole Collection.

Second photo: SC 151 and other chasers, possibly in Lisbon (if this is 4 July 2019), celebrating. T. Woofenden Collection.


Photo Set - click to view large versions: 

Submarine chaser SC 151, Azores. G.S. Dole Collection
Submarine chaser SC 151 and others, Azores. T. Woofenden Collection