SC 120: Lt. Hale's Sword

Lt. Henry Hale, Jr. was CO of submarine chaser SC 120, and after the war was a member of the Subchaser Club of America. The April 1921 edition of the club's newsletter includes an image of a painting of a chaser by Lt. Hale.

Paul Wilcock, a military historian with a focus on edged weapons, recently submitted several images of Lt. Hale's sword.
He also sent a scan of this entry in The Phi Gamma Delta magazine:

Hibbard Spencer ("Hetty") Greene, Illinois, '05, sales manager of the National Carbon Co., Cleveland, Ohio, contributes the following story for the Coincidence Column of the magazine:

My brother-in-law, W.W. Wheeler, sent his binoculars in to the Navy, as they were asking for donations of that kind of material, and his binoculars had his name engraved on them. Some time afterward he received a letter from Henry Hale, Jr., on board the U.S.S. Connecticut, stating that Wheeler's binoculars had fallen into Hale's hands. Hale was a fraternity brother at Wheeler's, and the incident gave both a substantial jolt of pleasure...

Thanks to Paul Wilcock for submitting the images to The Subchaser Archives.

Photo Set - click to view large versions: 

sword engraving
sword monogram
sword hilt