January, 2008 Elwood T. Hughes, quartermaster on submarine chaser SC 130, kept a personal log during his tour of duty on the chaser. Added to the transcription posted earlier are two images: a crew photo, and a photo of a musical performance by crewmen.

This chaser was among those assigned to post-war duties along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Hughes describes service at Spalato, a port at which Austrian war ships were handed over to USN sailors, one of the more curious and less known post-war duties of USN sailors. As a matter of expediency, chasers that had served on the Otranto Barrage were sent to various ports to maintain a U.S. presence until larger war ships arrived.

It must have been an unusual sight, to see chasers arriving to take over the command of Austrian war ships. For instance, see this photograph of SMS Radetsky, which was handed over to Lt. Spafford, who had been a key figure in the deployment of chasers, and was sailing on a chaser at the time.