Standard Motor Construction Company Engines

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Doug Charles has posted a set of pdf files of his research papers on Standard Motor Construction Company engines. Drawing from a large body of technical papers, schematics, manuals and other early materials on these engines (you'll see some items from this site, and from my collection, incidentally), Doug puts together a comprehensive account from both the technical and the practical perspectives: how they were built, and how they were run.

See especially the segment on "Reversible Standard D: The 10×11 Naval Standard" for very detailed information and illustrations of the engines used on the 110'  submarine chasers (and the ML boats).

For engine/mechanical equipment enthusiasts, there is a great deal of information about an early engine; and for anyone interested in the lives of the men on the chasers, you'll get a sense of what it was like to operate these enormous machines.

Imagine running three 6,300-pound open-crankcase engines in the enclosed engine room of a 110' wooden motorboat -- and crossing the Atlantic ocean.

Download the papers here:  (Click the "Power" tab.)

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