Resin 1:144 Scale Chaser Model

A note to model builders/collectors: Roger Pearson would like to determine if there is enough interest in a 1:144 scale resin subchaser model to justify the time and effort of developing it. Here are his rough notes:

The model would be to 1/144th scale, made of resin with brass etched parts for the railings and whatever else would benefit from this medium, would be waterline, mounted on a wooden base and have crew figures. We have produced a 1/144th scale WW2 Fairmile B class ML in resin and I'm charging $A300 for a made-up model and $A100 for a kit, so the SC being the same size would be the same price.

Interested? Send me a note using the contact form, and I'll pass it along to Roger (and he will follow up with you directly).

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