Diary of Chaser Crewman David James Williams

September 2007. Another item, for those readers who enjoy seeing the fine details of Navy life in WWI, is a transcription of a short diary from a crewman of submarine chaser SC 227, which was a wing-boat in Unit F (SC 94, SC 227, SC 151). Subchaser SC 227 served in the Otranto barrage, and in the post-war period along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea.

In between time periods that seem rather uneventful, Williams has included some neat little tidbits of life on a chaser, including reports of pursuits and attacks of enemy submarines. Williams also mentions his involvement in the second assignment to Durazzo. On 11 October a second group approached Durazzo, and found it essentially deserted.

Thanks to his grandson, David Williams, for submitting scans of the diary and other items to The Subchaser Archives.

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