• Vol. 4, No. 8, August 2008

    This month's Archives Notes is a short summertime issue. There are plenty of things to post, but not enough time to do it. However, do look at the final installment of the May Collection (an excellent photo set). Have a great summer, everyone! Todd Woofenden, editor

  • SC 292 Crew Photographs Set

    sc 292 The final installment of the collection of photographs from the service of William B. May is now online, a set of crew photos.

    Note especially the rare interior photos in this set. These include a shot of the mess room near the galley and a nice shot of the engine room.

  • Coming Soon

    Some items coming soon to the Subchaser Archives include: Links to some photographs of the Eagle Boats that served alongside the chasers in the Northern Russia Expedition. A nice shot of SC 428, and some content from a "Sale of Vessels by the Navy" catalog that includes chaser listings.