Vol. 18 No. 9, September 2022

This month is another installment of "projects I started but never finished." In 2015 I posted an excellent below decks shot from SC 40, from the collection of Ellis J. Thompson, crewman on SC 40, submitted by his son Donald R. Thompson. More photos have just been added.

Crew of SC 40
Crew of SC 40, Thompson Collection

Many of the photos in this set are from the early post-war period, when chasers that had been assigned to the barrage lines were reassigned to minesweeping duties on the North Sea. Added this month is a nice crew photo, a shot of SC 40 and a number of other chasers in the North Sea, and a good one of SC 40 in drydock at Devonport.

There are more in this set, mostly of minesweepers, that I might also post. I've been considering adding a page on minesweepers in WWI, since although they are not even similar to100-foot submarine chasers, the chasers worked with them directly.

--Todd Woofenden, editor 

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