Vol. 15 No. 7, July 2019

On 4 July, 1919, the U.S. submarine chasers ferried civilians to Kego Island, in the Dvina River delta, to celebrate the American Independence Day.  
Lt. (j.g.) George Dole, CO of unit leader SC 354, wrote home:
“Today we will act as ferry for the city of Arkhangel carrying all who care to go to Kego Is., where the U.S. Naval and Land forces will celebrate and show the young Bolsheviks in this region how to play baseball, box, etc.” 
From Hunters of the Steel Sharks: The Submarine Chasers of WWI, p. 144.
The next day, they were ordered to begin the journey back to England. They would soon sail across the White Sea, and make a return journey through the fjords of Norway.
Next would come the most dangerous service of the U.S. submarine chasers in the war. By the end of July, they would be preparing to enter service in mine sweeping duties in the North Sea.
--Todd Woofenden, editor

Added this month:

A new set of photos has been added, showing Dave Richey's completed model of subchaser SC 330. The model is based on the Dumas kit, but scratch-built above the deck.
Also added is a snippet of a sailor's diary, from the post-war duties along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, courtesy of Dave Cihla.

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