Vol. 14 No. 7, July 2018

As the temperature here in Maine rises over the 90-degree mark and I turn on the air conditioning, the crewmen at Corfu come to mind, serving on 110' wooden boats in the blazing heat. While underway it was possible to get some wind, but while listening, the engines were off and the sun was hot. In letters home Lt. (jg) George S. Dole of SC 93 mentions wearing a tropical helmet for protection against the sun. But it's hard to imagine that it would have helped very much.

Hope you are enjoying the summer, and staying cool!

--Todd Woofenden, editor

Recently Added:

One of the more interesting engagements of U.S. submarine chasers in WWI was the bombardment of Durazzo harbor on 2 October, 1918. 

From Hunters of the Steel Sharks: The Submarine Chasers of WWI:

"The mission was the obliteration of an enemy naval base located in Durazzo harbor on the coast of Albania. Three Italian light cruisers and three British light scout cruisers were to bombard the base while the chasers provided a screen and kept any enemy subs occupied, and small Italian motor craft would speed into the harbor to launch missiles at short range. ..."

Eleven submarine chasers took part in the action (see Hunters, p. 98-106 for a complete description). One of these was SC 179. Added this month to the Durazzo bombardment photo set are three photos submitted by Joe Brier, son of SC 179 crewman Charles I. Brier, who served on SC 179.

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