Vol. 14 No. 2, February 2018

As the winter wears on, I'm spending some of the gloomy days when I'd otherwise be outside, working through the items people have submitted—so it's time for a note on submissions:

Please contact me if you have sent materials for the site, and it's been a while, and you haven't seen them posted yet. A reminder always helps, and sometimes I lose track of an email thread. And a similar, outbound reminder: Several people have contacted The Subchaser Archives in the past few months offering to send images or documents, but haven't sent them yet. For photos, high resolution images are best. They might get scaled down for posting on the site, but sometimes the fine details of a high res. scan are more interesting than the overall shot.

Thanks again to all who have submitted items; please keep it up!

—Todd Woofenden, editor.

Added this month:

Crew photos from SC 262, thanks to Daniel D. Meyer, CDR, USNR (RET.), grandson of William Hickey, who served on SC 262 as XO.

In the Equipment section, a nice shot of the K-Tube frame. Thanks to Robert Held for the image.


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Fine Print

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