Vol. 14 No. 12, December 2018

While the signing of the Armistice marked a formal ending to WWI, the U.S. submarine chasers overseas wouldn't be coming home for some time. There was still plenty to do. The chasers at Base 25 (Corfu) were sent to various ports along the Adriatic coast, in some cases to occupy a port or a surrendered ship temporarily, and more generally to take part in post-war diplomatic efforts.
Some of the chasers, including SC 93, commanded by Lt. (jg) George S. Dole, were stationed at Spalato (Split) through Thanksgiving and into December. But rumors soon started to circulate of further potential military actions. Soon the chasers of Base 25 were heading back across the Mediterranean Sea. 
The deck guns and depth charge launchers were removed, and much to the relief of the crews, there were no longer "ash cans" of TNT on board. But still rumors of further action circulated. Many crewmen were reassigned in preparation for sending them home, but in early 2019, rumors started to solidify into plans for an expedition to northern Russia. This would become one of the more interesting post-war USN plans, an effort to protect Russian supply stations from falling into the hands of Germany and prevent ports from being taken over as German sub bases. In the shadow of the Russian Revolution, these northern ports were at risk, and the U.S. saw a stake in the outcome.
More on the Northern Russia Expedition in the next issue -- but imaging making plans to send 110-foot wooden motorboats across the Arctic Circle to the White Sea.
Todd Woofenden, editor

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