Vol. 13 No. 9, September 2017

Starting October 7, the Maine Maritime Museum is presenting an exhibit, "Pull Together: Maritime Maine in the 1914-1918 Great War." Details are here. I'm not sure what will make the final cut for the exhibit, but the chasers built at Hodgden Yacht in Boothbay are of interest, and the exhibit might include my WWI signal light, which is the type used on the chasers. In any case, I'm looking forward to seeing the exhibit, and recommend it, if you're in the area. Ends June 10, 2018.

Posted this month is an interesting shot of SC 217, post-war, in use as a rum runner. This is one of the more colorful uses of the chasers after the war. Many were converted to private yachts or used as fishing vessels, but some were involved in Prohibition-era smuggling.

Also posted this month is a shot of submarine chaser SC 83, "National bridge and submarine chaser." Thanks to Pat Carrig for donating the photo to The Subchaser Archives.

Todd Woofenden, editor





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