Vol. 13 No. 6, June 2017

Robert Allison notes that the 100-year anniversary of the base at Cobh (Queenstown) has kicked off. See new story here:


Base 6 was the location of Submarine Chaser Detachment Three. Thirty chasers that had previously been stationed at Plymouth were transferred to Cobh on 21 August, 1918, under the command of Capt. A.J. Hepburn. These chasers engaged in ASW activities from mid-August until the Armistice was signed.

Added to the SC 291 page is a nice shot of the chaser underway. Thanks to Gary Andrashko for submitting the photo to The Subchaser Archives. This might be an early post-war photo. Note that the K-Tube frame appears to be be lashed to the pilot house and the deck gun is there, but there is no bearing indicator on the flying bridge, and an extension has been added above the hatches to the galley and aft crew quarters. Also there don't seem to be any depth charges on board, although the Y-gun is in place.

--Todd Woofenden, editor

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